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I was appalled to hear recently of the treatment of my sister in law's twin sister Margaret received when they went to Robes recently looking for a wedding outfit. Margaret is disabled and in a wheelchair but as mother of the bride was looking for something special so was prepared to spend that bit extra for the occasion.
After getting the wheelchair in the shop, no easy matter they were asked
" can It stay there?" Meaning on the door mat, Not sure if they meant Margaret or the wheelchair but I can't see as a wheelchair is any grub bier than people's shoes? but from stat to finish they were rude and unhelpful. Speaking to my sister in law and not addressing Margaret directly. All in all they could nt wait to get out of the shop, they were really disappointed because Margaret had n't been well lately at it was her first outing for a long time and they thought it would cheer her up not make her feel like a second class citizen.   05-04-15
Tags: Not for disabled people


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