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Absolutely dreadful. Had a clutch bag for sale which had several stones missing, offered me to purchase the handbag with 10% discounted, at £9.00 I reluctantly purchased the bag, paid cash and left the shop. 5 minutes later my husband advised he’d found and purchased 1 for me already. I went back to the shop immediately and asked if I could have a refund, the girl that had served me was there along with another employee, who stated as she had discounted the item for me it was none refundable and that this was advised when I purchased it, this was not advised when purchased, the next excuse was that I didn’t have a receipt, I was neither offered or given one, the final excuse being they do notoffer refunds. I left very disappointed with a handbag I neither want nor need. Both girls were laughing as I left and there customer service is absolutely dreadful! When looking for a contact name/number/email address to make a formal complaint they have no contact details online, which I find questionable.    05-03-18


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