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Legion Way is a place in North Hereford with a small number of businesses.

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Thank you for giving me a loan, much appreciated you've helped me out emmensely.Thankyou again CANT enphasiaze how much I appreciate it.YOUR DOING A GRAND JOB HELPING PEOPLE OUT AND THE STAFF ALL FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL.THANKS AGAIN Jane Smith.GIVE YOURSELVES PAT ON THE BACK....

- a review of Herefordshire Housing by Jane Smith

Yesterday I APPLIED TO JOIN Money Box CU, As I have already stated the people involved were very helpful. I gave appropriate details ie bank details, other details also but nobody has yet as got back to me on my email address ,or phoned as to if I am accepted for scheme, because someone needed to witness the part about if I were to die etc...

- a review of Herefordshire Housing by Jane Smith

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