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A lack of customer focus and overpriced - I won't be going back and now I know why this salon is usually empty. I had a cut and blow dry. The (senior) stylist didn't listen to what I wanted - a simple bob with a fringe - and I had to ask 3 times for her to give me a fringe which she eventually and reluctantly did. She also used thinning scissors to cut very short layers into my hair without asking if I would like layers (I didn't want layers but didn't realise what she was doing till too late). She was also extremely rough when washing my hair to the extent that this was painful at the time AND I had a stiff, painful neck and shoulders for 3 days afterwards. I dread to think what the effect of this would be for anyway who already has a bad neck or shoulders. The salon's website talks a lot about the careers of the staff, but doesn't say much about customer care - very telling!   10-01-13


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